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Bathroom Mirror Frames

Give Your Bathroom a Designer Look by Framing Your Mirror

Is something missing from your bathroom décor? Even the most beautiful bathroom accessories won’t make your bathroom look finished if you have a plain mirror hanging above the sink. You may have thought about framing your mirror but weren’t sure how to make it happen. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does my mirror have to be removed from the wall?
  • I have plastic clips that hold my mirror to the bathroom wall – does that matter?
    No, we will replace the plastic clips with a special clip – it takes only minutes and then your frame will hang beautifully.
  • Are the frames heavy?
    No, since the frames do not have glass inside them like picture frames, they are lightweight.
  • Do you have a variety of frame styles?
    Yes, we have over a thousand samples in a variety of styles and colors to choose from.
  • Is there something special about the frames?
    Yes, not all frames are suitable for bathroom mirrors because they will not hang flat. We have chosen a variety of styles that work great. Also, when you frame a mirror, the mirror reflects the inside facing of the frame. Frames are generally not finished on the inside, so while we are building your frame we finish the inside of the frame so it looks beautiful.